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Greg Harrelson has over 16 years of real estate experience. He is a coach and a mentor in real estate development for many agents in the area. He has coached some of the top real estate agents in the America. His experience along with his passion for the industry help him to become one of the top agents at Century 21. 

Greg has an understanding that there is a direct correlation between your accumulated wealth and the number of people you serve and make a difference throughout your life. It is that belief that pushes Greg to leading others to success. He believes by helping others get what they want will eventually lead him to what he wants. 

Throughout this challenging economy, Century 21 the Harrelson Group and Greg Harrelson have stood tall and made the Grand Strand one of the most active markets in the United States. It thrives and prospers on the people who make their investments in the real estate industry. Greg consistently helps the prospective buyers of this community navigate the Grand Strand to find the perfect fit. 

When working with a realtor in Myrtle Beach, you will need one who knows the market well and is willing to put your interests before there own, and has the skills and team to do so. It is well worth your time to interview Greg Harrelson before you make your final decision for a realtor. He is here to help you buy or sell your property today!

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